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Car Batteries

When you need a automotive battery, of any size, for any vehicle, come in to D&T Auto Parts . With more than 16,000 portable power solutions we truly have Every Battery for Every Need including:

  • Automotive Batteries
  • Car Batteries
  • Truck Batteries
  • Marine Batteries
  • RV Batteries
  • Industrial & Farm Batteries
  • Golf Cart Batteries
  • Standard Alkaline Batteries

The list is endless.  Not only will our experts make it easy to find just the right battery, but we can handle all your battery recycling needs as well! Come in today or submit our request an auto battery quote and we’ll do the research for you. If you already know exactly what you need you can order your automotive battery direct online for in-store pickup.

We are partnered with both EAST PENN, INTERSTATE BATTERIES ,  OPTIMA  and ENERSYS to provide you with the largest selection and the highest quality possible.

CARQUEST Batteries

Power, Performance and Value

As stated above we carry all the trusted brands of automotive, car & truck batteries as well as the quality CarQuest brand. Visit us at 24 Fraser Road Leamington, Ontario for all your battery needs.



  • Up to 2X the life of a standard batter
  • High charge acceptance and excellent starting power
  • Maintenance free and 100% spill proof
  • 3-Year Free Replacement

Automotive Batteries AMG



  • Maximum starting power
  • Built to meet or exceed OE specs for extreme performance in all weather climates
  • Maintenance free under normal operating conditions
  • 3-Year Free Replacement

Automotive Batteries Gold Carquest



  • Built to OE specs for dependable performance
  • Maintenance free under normal operating conditions
  • 2-Year Free Replacement

Automotive Batteries Silver


CARQUEST Automotive

  • Works hard for every budget
  • Maintenance free under normal operating conditions
  • 1-Year Free Replacement

Carquest Automotive Batteries




AGM =Absorbed Glass Mat …acid forms a ‘gel’

AGM Battery Brands Explained:
Orbital (made by Exide ) …we do NOT sell this brand
Optima ( made by JCI ) …starts with SC prefix
Odyssey ( made by Enersys) …starts with MT7 prefix

AGM and Gel batteries are completely sealed so absolutely NO corrosion occurs. While both AGM and Gel types are lead-acid batteries, neither will expel external gasses, such as hydrogen and oxygen during recharge. They combine gasses internally. Note that AGM technology has advanced in recent years and is now available in Marine/RV
deep-cycle and automotive starting batteries.

Important: Please remember, both AGM and Gel batteries should be recharged with a charger that is specifically designed for SLA batteries. When AGM or Gel batteries are used to replace liquid electrolyte batteries, always check with the vehicle or battery manufacturer for information about charging requirements.

Performance and Heavy-Duty Batteries



  • RED top for starting …eg)  SC34DU perfect for many North American applications on taxi’s etc  
  • YELLOW TOPfor combo-starting & deep cycle …eg) SC51RDA  perfect for smaller cars like Honda’s with Hi-Perf options & a HUGE stereo that drains most other batteries & SC78S for side post applications
  • BLUE TOP for pure DEEP CYCLE like SC27DM  the perfect marine battery ….   this is just a sample of the Optima Batteries we stock in our Leamington location for you needs, we can also order in anything you are after from our main warehouses.

In Closing, Some Key Points To Consider when looking to buy any type of Battery are:

  • Both starting & deep cycle features
  • Virgin Lead means extended service
  • Slower Idle Discharge Rate
  • Expected Life Cycle
  • Warranty Information

We also Offer Free Battery Recycling

Battery Recycling

We RECYCLE all types of batteries …bring them all in and help us keep them out of land fills – and protect our environment! If you are looking for any type of Car Battery, Truck Battery, Marine or RV Battery  or anything else in between, call us at (519) 322-2551