Smart Earth EcoLube is a multi-purpose lubricant and can penetrate into worn on nuts & bolts. It is non-toxic to human health, plants, pets, soil and the marine environment because it is Made from Canadian Soybeans.

Smart Earth Products Are:

  • Non Toxic
  • Have No Odour
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Outperforms Petroleum Based Products
  • Does Not Stain
  • Are Made and Produced in Canada

Smart Earth EcoLube is an industrial strength formulation that offers 5 times more lubricating power than the number 1 petroleum lubricant in the market.

You can purchase EcoLube in three different formats: single can, 3-pack, or case of 12. Please note that the product can only be shipped within Canada at this time.

Smart Earth Eco-Lube

The product is moving off of our shelves and it is getting a lot of public notice from the press, have a look at this article from AG Innovation Ontario and everyone is proud that it is using local soy beans from farms across Ontario as well as processed and made in Toronto.

Smart Earth ECO GREASE also available …


  • Low Volatile Organic Compounds VOC
  • Displaces moisture effectively
  • Long lasting
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Dissolves Rust
  • Pleasant Odour
  • Industrial Strength
  • Penetrates and lubricates hard to reach place
  • Will not stain most surfaces or fabrics