Golf Batteries


Interstate_golf_cart_batteryThe Most popular type of Golf Cart batteries is a 6Volt or 8Volt usually in series (6 batteries in a cart) – to produce enough juice to power the cart. We sell the XIS-GC122  Nationwide by Interstate  230 amp hr ( 10.6% more than Trojan 208 amp hr units)  ( also available in XIS-GC2-XHD  and the CARQUEST Battery brand -PS2200.)   These batteries are extremely price competitive … so call us for the best price … typically sold in sets of 6 – we have a skid of these on hand for whatever your needs are.  Warranty is ______(add details) and priced with an old core of like like for recycling.

Also in 8Volt … BAT – PS8VGC  or XIS – GC8-XHD




Lectronic Kaddy is a popular make in our area.  The older units had a smaller sized battery comparttment and needs ALL the power that a battery can give it … we have a couple of sku;s that fit this with the difference being the amp hour rating … from 26 ah (XIS-DCM0026 ) to 28 ah ( XIS-SLA1152 ) to 30 ah ( XIS-SLA1150 )

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 2.36.24 PM

click the part numbers to see the spec’s.  The more amp hours to make a battery of the same size-the less

acid you have – the more lead you have -it is vital that these higher output batteries have an EXCELLENT battery charger to push the charge into the battery .. and of course ..always use a AGM ( absorbed glass mat ) designed charger … or else –you will end up pushing that damm golf cart the last 4 holes of the match …

We have a full range of SLA ( Sealed Lead Acid ) in many sizes and shapes for you needs …. call us.


FREE Golf Battery Tests

we have a special tester for SLA batteries … bring you old unit in ( fully charged , please ) and we can tell you the remaining life … each battery has a limit number of cycles ( charge to discharge ) and over time they weaken …    If you would like to know MORE about batteries — may we siggest you read ( at least skim ) this link … it is one of the BEST we have seen …