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Car Maintenance Infographic

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Tackling Your First Brake Job – DIY Vs. Garage Repairs

Whats that Noise?!

Hearing Sounds under your car, it might be time for a new brake job! It starts in the usual way, what’s that sound coming from the car every time I hit the brakes? If you are hearing a nasty screech when you press the brakes in your car or truck? Does it sound like metal scrapping across a chalkboard every time you are trying to slow down? Well, it may be time to change your brakes and sometime even your entire brake system if it is an older vehicle.


Brake Job


Here’s the How To…



How Does A Brake System Work?

A car’s brake system is one of the most important components in your driving safety, as it’s the only thing keeping you from crashing into that bus full of school kids on your last minute run to the sporting store. It’s a fairly simple hydraulic system that allows the force applied at the pedal to be translated to clamping force at the wheel.


Here’s a video explanation…




How Do I Know If I Need To Change My Brakes?

Top 4 Signs


Reduced responsiveness or fading. If your brakes are not as responsive as they should be or if the pedal “sinks” toward the floor, this could be an indication of a leak in the braking system. It could be an air leak (in the brake hose) or a brake fluid leak. One telltale sign of a brake fluid leak is the presence of a small puddle of fluid when the car is parked. Brake fluid looks similar to fresh motor oil, but with a less “slimy” texture.

Pulling. If your vehicle “pulls” to one side while braking, it may be a sign that the brake linings are wearing unevenly or that there is foreign matter in the brake fluid. Your vehicle may need a brake adjustment or to have the fluid drained and replaced.

Grinding or growling. This loud metallic sound means that you have worn down the pads completely, most likely beyond replacement. The grinding or growling noise is caused by the two pieces of metal (the disc and the caliper) rubbing together. This can “score,” or scratch your rotors, creating an uneven surface. If this happens, do not be surprised if your mechanic tells you that the rotors need to be “turned” (a process that evens out the rotor surface), or even replaced.

Vibration. A vibration or pulsating brake pedal is often a symptom of warped rotors (but can also indicate that your vehicle is out of alignment). The vibration can feel similar to the feedback in the brake pedal during a panic stop in a vehicle equipped with anti-lock brakes.


Attempting to Do the Repair Yourself Vs. Hiring a Garage

Keeping your car in running order requires some do-it-yourself tasks and maintenance that might seem like regular upkeep, but knowing when to have a qualified auto repair mechanic look at your car can save thousands of dollars later, and sometimes even people’s lives. If you’ve ignored potential do-it-yourself problems by not using the proper tools of technology available to professional garages.


Now the safety of others and your family is something to think about, but some DIY’ers are not even around to tell their story. Safety is a big factor in DIY car repairs, and is better left to the professional mechanic’s shop to worry about, unless you have had some proper vechicle repair training. Blocking up the wheels while trying to work under the car is an invitation to disaster; many people have been crushed to death because the car slipped and fell on them while they were on the ground, working underneath an unstable homemade hoist.


Brake System


Don’t get us wrong if you feel up to the brake job repair here is a good walk-through, and know that you have the confidence and skill set to do car repairs, you can source all of your parts directly online from our parts catalog. Find all the Brake Pads & Routers you would need to do any repair for any make or model of vehicle by clicking the link.


If you are going to bring in the car to a professional garage, do some research… ask around and check both online reviews and social media profiles for some auto repair shops that you feel are reputable and have a great track record for customer satisfaction.


Ultimatley you are going to want the same results no matter if you do the brake job yourself or hire a garage to do the repair and that is ensure the safety of your car and family for the long haul. Depending on the complexity of the job too, as most DIYer’s are comfortable changing some brake pads, but doing a complete brake lines replacement might not be something that they are quite comfortable with yet.



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Find out What Type of Auto Fluid Leak is on the Ground.


Nobody likes walking out in the morning and right before you leave for work you find a large puddle under you car in the driveway or worse in the middle of your garage floor, what type of Auto Fluid Leak is it? Why did this happen to me? and so on…..


Not the best way to start your day, but …


No Worries my friend, after reading through this article you will have the confidence of being in the know. You now, will have the ability to identiy and know-how to treat the stain.


… lets get started.



Gas Leak


Gas is probably the easiest liquid to identify because of its strong smell. If you have a large puddle under your car and it smells like gas, then you probably have a gas leak. Easy Right?! Fortunately, a gas leak doesn’t mean your vehicle is about to catch on fire. Even still, you should repair these leaks as soon as possible, especially given the price of gas these days. A leak at the rear of the vehicle indicates a hole in the tank while gas at the front usually means a break some where in the fuel line.


Antifreeze Fluid

Antifreeze Leak


Antifreeze or coolant leaks are generally easy to spot because of their light green color. Coolant liquid will feel sticky to the touch and sometimes comes in pink or bright orange varieties. These leaks are very common and do not pose an immediate threat to the engine. They should, however, be fixed in a timely manner to avoid overheating, especially during hot months.


Transmission Fluid

Transmission Fluid Leak


Transmission fluid generally has a red or brown color and is usually thick and slick like oil. If you discover a red or brownish colored leak, your power steering or transmission system has a breach. You probably have a hole in a line or a transmission seal that needs to be repaired. A transmission leak typically occurs near the front of the car or in the engine bay.


Quick Tip on Colour…

Sometimes, the colour of the transmission fluid may vary slightly so we added this chart to help you identify the leak, if you are unsure if the fluid is in fact a transmission fluid leak, you can leave a piece of paper under the car to see what colour shows up…

Try this out…

transmission fluid colours


Brake Fluid

Brake Fluid Leak


Brake fluid is usually dark yellow to brown in appearance and has an oily texture. If you suspect your car is leaking brake fluid, then you will need to get it towed immediately. Driving with leaky brake lines is a recipe for disaster and can lead to serious injury. Luckily, brake leaks are not that common and are usually located near the wheels or underneath the brake pedal.




Oil Leak


An oil leak is another popular fluid discharge found in vehicles. Oil leaks are very serious and should be fixed immediately to prevent engine problems. The color of the oil may vary depending on its age: newer oil appears yellow while older oil is dark brown or sometimes black. If you are unsure if its oil, check the smell. Oil should not give off an odor, while gear lubricants do smell bad.

Power Steering Fluid

Power Steering Fluid Leak


Power steering plays an important role in the handling of your vehicle. If you notice that turning has become more difficult, then you might have a power steering fluid leak. This fluid is usually a brownish-red, though it can appear darker when old. The key to identifying this leak is a change in the steering and location of the leak.


How to Clean all sorts of Stains from your Driveway

A Note on Changing Auto Fluids.

Be sure to keep up with regular mantainace, check all fluids often and don’t ignore any trouble lights in your vehicle’s dashboard. Have a look at this quick guide for reference.

Change Your Cars Fluids


Fixing the Leak

The first step in fixing a leak is finding its origin. Start from the puddle and draw a straight line up to the nearest engine component. This should give you a general idea of where the leak is coming from. To find the exact location, wipe the area clean with a rag until it is completely dry. Then, spray a coat of foot powder on the area and wait for the fluid to start leaking. You may need to start your car for a short period to initiate the leak. Once you find the breach, replace the line or part and repeat the process until the leak goes away.

Virtual Vehicle – Auto Repair Animations

Engage your Students with Technically Accurate –
Auto Repair Animations

Virtual Vehicle


CARQUEST Technical Institute is happy to provide Virtual Vehicle access to any Not for Profit vocational education program at no cost. Virtual Vehicle contains over 300 animations that accurately depict normal and failure mode automotive system operation. By completing a simple enrollment process, Virtual Vehicle will be available to all students and staff on campus from any internet enabled computer.

Why Use Virtual Vehicle?

Today’s vehicle service customers are sophisticated consumers who demand clear and concise information when spending money on their vehicle servicing and repairs. They will not approve repair recommendations they do not understand or that they don’t believe to be genuine.

Service advisors can find the task of explaining technically complex vehicle repairs very difficult, especially when the customer has left the service location and has to be contacted by telephone. With Virtual Vehicle a repair shop can send videos explaining the exact repair to the customers, presented to them electronically in the way of an animated video.


Auto Repair Animations



Features and benefits include:


To register visit Select Access the Site and Create an Account


Virtual Vehicle Repair Videos


Follow These Steps to Enroll Today!

1. Visit virtualvehiclemd.comVirual Vehicle MD
2. Select Access the Site
3. Select Create an Account
4. Select Educational
5. Complete form and Submit
6. CTI will contact you to complete the enrollment as soon as possible


Please Note:

(while waiting for CTI to respond, please contact your IT support team and ask for the ‘public IP range’ for your campus. The CTI administrator will need this information to allow students to login without credentials from anywhere on campus.)


How to login on campus:
1. Visit virtualvehiclemd.comVehicle Repair Videos
2. The screen shown here will appear
a. Students will automatically be logged into the system
b. Staff must login to be able to access the additional tools
3. Staff has ability to email or text links to any of the animations directly to students by selecting ‘Email an Animation’




A Complete Customer Solution for Repairs

Virtual Vehicle is a cloud-based library containing hundreds of animations showing how each part of the car works and what can happen when the part fails. Our original line-drawn animations are now replaced with realistic 3D animated models, but the core value of making technical concepts simple to understand remains at the heart of what we do.

We help you bridge the understanding gap by providing your service team with a tool that gets the message across in a simple, customer-friendly way. Service advisors using Virtual Vehicle are able to sell more service and repair labor, and receive higher customer satisfaction scores.

As shops use our system to explain services to their customers, they experience:

An increase in repeat business as customers feel more confident that the services the repairer performed were truly necessary in maintaining their vehicle
More referrals as they tell their friends and family what a great experience they had at the repairers workshop
Higher sales as customers agree to more work being done, because for the first time ever they really understand what’s involved and why it is needed.

Virtual Vehicle can be accessed using any web browser or via our iPad app. Your service team can e-mail or text customers a link to an animated video if they are not in the shop, and follow it up with a phone call to answer any follow up questions and close the sale.


Want to Take All This Information with you, to Show Your Staff?

You Can download the complete PDF by clicking the button…

Virtual Vehicle MD

Virtual Vehicle PDF Download.


Car Battery | Auto Batteries | DT AUTO PARTS

Need a car battery designed to meet the growing demands of today’s vehicles? We have a complete line of quality OEM automotive car batteries that are designed to work and fit seamlessly with all makes and models.

Car Battery

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Standard free replacement warranty on CarQuest Car & Truck Batteries – no small print, no hassle, no comparison. We have a few choices in automotive battery lines including, Automotive, Silver, Gold and Platinum AGM.

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Heavy Duty Batteries

Heavy Duty Battery


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Farm Battery

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Monroe Shocks and Struts

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Rebuilding a Ford Flathead V8 Engine

The How-TO on Rebuilding a Ford V8 Flathead

Everyone knows it’s a lot of work to rebuild an engine. That’s not really up for debate. But for anyone who’s never actually rebuilt an engine themselves, under it could be easy to underestimate just how much work goes into it.

But when Hagerty decided to rebuild the Ford flathead V8 engine in its 1946 pickup truck, the team was kind enough to document the entire process. Over the course of six days, they took more than 40,000 photos and turned them into the above video.

As you can see, this was not a task for the faint of heart. It involved many more steps than we could ever document here, as well as quite a bit of specialized equipment. At the end, though, you could never have guessed the engine they put back in the truck was the same one they originally pulled out.

Ford Logo

     Now that’s something to be proud of.


(Originally Posted on Road&

GearWrench School Program 2016

GearWrench School Program 2016

All quotes for educational institutes in the automotive or heavy-duty domain will be eligible for a 20% discount on all Gear Wrench tool orders.

Also Students graduating from school can benefit from this discount as well on a one time purchase, all we need is a proof of Graduation (receipt) give it to purchasing so that they can attach it to the order.

Gear Wrench

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Diesel Exhaust Fluid / DEF

What is DEF or Diesel Exhaust Fluid ?

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is a non-hazardous solution, which is 32.5% urea and 67.5% de-ionized water. DEF is sprayed into the exhaust stream of diesel vehicles to break down dangerous NOx emissions into harmless nitrogen and water. This system is called Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and can be found on 2010 and later model year trucks and many diesel pickups and SUVs. DEF is not a fuel additive and never comes into contact with diesel. It is stored in a separate tank, typically with a blue filler cap.

DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Why Do I Need Diesel Exhaust Fluid  ?

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is the technology of choice for most leading truck and engine manufacturers to meet the new regulations for diesel exhaust emissions.

With SCR engines, drivers must maintain adequate levels of DEF in a truck’s DEF tank at all times.

Before a truck’s DEF tank runs empty, the driver is alerted through dashboard displays. If a truck is allowed to run out of DEF:

Read More:

Pick Up Your DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid today at D&T Auto Parts in Leamington.

DEF Fluid